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Mark Obsession

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allymcle @ 08:32 pm: greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat. well, nice to have met you!
wow. i totally just remembered that this community exists. i love when i (and leela) make communities and then NEVER do anything with them.

RENT is fab. *cougH*

haha wow this community is so dead. as a matter of fact, it was never really alive. Ohgod. shootmenow.

i'd put money on no one even reading this. oh har har. je suis lame.

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: senses fail, NOT rent, for a change.


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Date:December 6th, 2005 07:18 pm (UTC)
pay up, i read it. i friggin' JOINED.

*hearts mark*
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