December 6th, 2005

Rock and Fucking Roll

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k so... mark cohen. and marc cohn. as in, the character from rent. and the guy who wrote 'walking in memphis'

i did a search for 'mark cohen' and this came up, so i added it considering that a)i am a mark devotee seeing as without him RENT means nothing because he is the mayo that holds the plotline sandwich together and b)it won't clog up my friends page because it in so dead/as of yet unborn.

marc cohn the singer got shot in the head in a carjacking and walked out of the hospital the same day. wtf?

anthony rapp is amazing and everytime he sang in the second half of the movie i cried. which was bad because he is practically the narrator of the freakin' movie. and la vie boheme is like the most inspiring thing i have ever heard.

'walking in memphis' is my feel good song. if you've never heard it, download it, because when you're bummed just put it on loop and BAM! you feel better. it's a white jewish kkid singing gospel, it'll blow your mind.

so erm... yeah.

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    la vie boheme - rent OBC recording NOT THE MIOVIE, BITCHES.