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Mark's Obsession

For the criminally obsessed

Mark Obsession
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We have found, over the years, that most men with the name of "Mark" are highly appealing in the world hot men. For example: Mark, from Empire Records, who is adorable to no extent, if not hot.

Mark Cohen, from Rent, is the hotness of all emo-desiring female type things. I.E. Us.

Also, this random violist whom I know called (how'd you guess) Mark is v. v. emo and v. v. hot (and also v. v. hot because he plays viola and that is ace). Also this gay guy who is the boyfriend of this family friend, (called Mark) is VAIR VAIR hot and I had to restrain myself when he visited saying "Must. *twitch* Not. *twitch* Jump. *twitch* Gay. *twitch* Man." Ach it was so ace. Unfortunately, my dad is also named Mark but technically his name is really John so that is okay.